Territorial Elementary School Home

Principal's Corner

Principal: Annette Sisler

 May 2019

Last month was a busy month at Territorial.  State testing is underway, and I couldn’t be more pleased with students’ efforts.  Parents please continue to make sure that your child is getting to bed at a good time, and eating a healthy breakfast.  Along with all that hard work, students have also had an opportunity to be creative.  The Green Club has taken on the Bring Recycle School Design Challenge, the idea is to transform salvaged materials into new products.  As such they are using old bikes to create a pulley system that will rotate our tumbler compost bins.  Students connected with the idea after reading a story in their 3rd grade Wonders curriculum, in which the store owner used a stationary bike to generate power for his juice stand.

Likewise, our Jr. Lego League who have been working hard on their challenge since January, recently attended an expo where our two teams presented their design.  The team had to identify a problem that astronauts might encounter while on the moon, and then design, build, and program a machine that would address that issue. 

Speaking of getting the creative juices flowing, fifth grade was awarded a grant from Lane Art Council this year.  The grant has allowed them the opportunity to participate in twenty sessions of Creative Link with artist Linda Burden-Williams.  Linda has been helping fifth graders engage in performing arts while incorporating the Studio Habits of Mind.  Students even got to partner with KOCF radio station to record commercials.   

Lane Art Council has been very generous this year and also gifted us with the Rural School’s Grant to fund artist Kelly Thibodeaux to once again visit Territorial and instruct students in the art of fiddling.  As a result, students will be performing in a recital on Friday, May 3rd.  It is sure to be a great show!  Parents are welcome to come, but we ask that you carpool if possible and do not park in the upper black top area, so we have room for buses to make their turn around and park, (8:25 – Kinder, 9:05 – 1st, 10:20 – 2nd, 12:15 – 3rd, 1:00 – 4th, 1:50 – 5th ).

Did someone say show? Territorial students along with the help of director Steph van Hecke and dance director Emma van Hecke, put on a prodigious talent show last week.  The talent shows included dances, jokes, musical performances, and even a snake tamer! It was a fun and entertaining night for all.   

In addition to students participating in artistic and creative happenings, there were several fieldtrips that took place this month as well.  Third, fourth, and fifth grade students attended the 60th anniversary of Symphonic Safari.  Students learned about the orchestra, and then WALKED THROUGH IT AS THEY PLAYED.  

In preparation for fourth grade’s Oregon Trail unit, their class visited Dorris Ranch, where students got to cook corn bread and see who lived in the Willamette Valley before us. Students experienced the lives of Kalapuya Indians, trappers and Oregon Trail pioneers.

Under the direction of our music teacher Amy Burrows and second grade teacher, Cheryl Glasser, second graders visited the Junction City Retirement Center, where students sang and talked with residents.  The second-grade class then toured the new wing of the High School, and had an opportunity to perform for the high school choir and in return the high school choir sang  few songs for them as well.  When I asked one of the second graders what he enjoyed most, he quickly responded, “visiting the place where the snow videos were made!” Finally, last Friday, fifth and second grade students visited the Shedd where students attended the Magical Moombah performance filled with skits, songs and contests.

We would also like to thank Erin Dietrich and her many volunteers for organizing and running our Spring Garden Club.  Last Thursday was the first meeting, and we had 51 students present, that is 34 percent of our student population!  Sounds like fun!

We were excited to greet so many soon to be Kindergarten students at last week’s Kinder Meet and Greet.  We look forward to welcoming this new incoming class. 

Parents, I would also like to continue to encourage you to help your child get to school each day and on time.  We will be holding a pizza party on June 7th for all classes that have 90% or higher attendance rate for Trimester 3.  Students with fewest tardies can also earn some extras to go with their pizza.  Please help your child meet their goal.  Currently, K, 1st, 2nd, and 4th are at 95%, 3rd is at 97%, and 5th is at 92%.  Nice job Bobcats!   

There is still a lot of learning left to do,  as I often remind my softball playing daughter, don’t run to 1st base, run through.  In short, we want to finish the school year strong.  We appreciate your support and help as we continue to make sure that students are prepared with the skills they need for next year. 

Administrative Professionals week was last week and I would like to thank our amazing secretary, Terrie McFadden for wearing her many hats so well.  Likewise, as Teacher Appreciation week approaches, I would like to take a moment to thank our dedicated teachers for the time and energy that they put into helping students be successful.

Warm Regards,
Annette Sisler
Territorial Principal